Affidea Acquires Biomed Scan Clinic in Bucharest, Romania


Biomed scan racari recenzii, ROMANIA – Pan-European diagnostic giant Affidea has increased its dominance on the Romanian imaging market with the purchase of Biomed Scan, a two-clinic provider in Bucharest. The move gives the company a total of 48 Romanian clinics, putting it well ahead of its nearest competitor, local provider Hiperdia, with just 26 clinics nationwide.

The facility is staffed by doctors who have extensive experience in treating local and international patients. In addition, the clinic offers PRP, stem cell therapy and other regenerative therapies, including neuropathy treatment, arthritis treatment, and musculo skeletal issues.

Advancing Wellness: Biomed Scan Clinic’s Role in Shaping Romanian Health

MedicalES centers are designed and decorated with the patient in mind, offering a bright, open space that alleviates fears associated with claustrophobia. In addition, the results of a scan can be interpreted within a relatively short time frame.

Affidea continues its expansion plans both on a local level and in the capital city, working hard towards achieving our goal of providing integrated medical services to the maximum number of Romanians. The acquisition of Biomed Scan concretizes our desire to be present also in sector 3 of the city, an important area with a high concentration of residents.”

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