The Real World Andrew Tate Review


The real Andrew Tate  is an online course for teaching people how to make money. The course features daily educational videos and access to a treasure trove of resources, as well as mentoring from the founder of the platform. The founder is an experienced entrepreneur and businessman who has earned millions using the methods taught in the course.

The course features courses on ecommerce, affiliate marketing, cryptocurrency, and developing an “alpha male” mindset. While some of these skills are useful for creating a profitable online business, others promote unethical or illegal practices. In addition, the course’s promotion of a “loverboy” approach to women and their relationships is disturbing.

Conquer the Chaos: Andrew Tate’s Guide to the Real World Hustle

Tate has cultivated a large following online, where he shares his lavish lifestyle and advises followers on how to attain financial independence by starting their own businesses. His followers aspire to emulate his wealth and often share photos of their luxury cars and private jets on social media. However, his sweeping assurances that anyone can become successful raise serious concerns.

While Tate has not been convicted of any crimes, his influencer marketing campaign has been criticized for promoting misogynistic and violent views on women. The campaign has led to a backlash against him, with the social media platforms TikTok, YouTube, and Facebook kicking him off their platforms. He is also the target of an ongoing campaign by conservative news outlets to defund his YouTube channel. Tate has been linked to the Manosphere and has appeared on alt-right podcasts like Fresh and Fit and Infowars.

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