Who I am

Get to know Billy Carter

Billy Carteris a member of the Radio Earth Summit, an organization dedicated to broadcasting positive and inspiring stories from around the world. He was born in Ohio but later moved to California where he has lived for most of his life.

Billy has always been drawn to music and storytelling, so it’s no surprise that he found himself in the radio industry. After graduating high school, he attended college in Los Angeles where he studied communications and media studies. During this time, Billy worked as an intern at various local radio stations before eventually joining Radio Earth Summit in 2018.

At Radio Earth Summit, Billy hosts a weekly show called “The Happy Hour” which features inspiring stories from people all over the globe. He’s also known for his interviews with celebrities and other public figures who are doing great things around the world. His ability to bring out interesting perspectives on stories make him a popular host amongst listeners.

Outside of broadcasting, Billy has a passion for travel and exploring new places. This love has taken him on trips around the world where he visits different communities and cultures to gain insight into their way of life and beliefs. He also enjoys playing video games and watching movies when he’s not doing work or traveling—his