When You Hide a Comment on Facebook Who Can See It?


When you hide a comment on facebook who can see it? Managing comments on Facebook can be challenging – especially when you’re running a business. Whether it’s an unhappy customer, a critical review, or even just a random negative comment, social media users can react badly to negative content and it can have lasting effects on the reputation of a business.

Can you hide someone from seeing your posts without blocking them?

If you have a bad comment on an update, post or photo, one option is to hide it. This will prevent other users from seeing the comment (and any replies) but it won’t delete the comment. Hidden comments will still be visible to the person who wrote it and their friends. However, other people who see your post or ad won’t be able to see it.

When you hide a comment, the user won’t get notified that their comment has been hidden. This can avoid the user from finding out that their comment was hidden, which can help mitigate reactions or a backlash. Hiding a comment can also be helpful for companies that want to respond to customers in private, such as by asking them to contact the company via direct message.

Deleting a comment has the opposite effect, as users will be notified that their comment was deleted and may be more likely to lash out at the brand and post negative content about it elsewhere. However, hiding a comment is reversible and can be unhidden at a later date. In many cases, it’s more effective to use this method of dealing with negativity than simply deleting the comment or blocking the user entirely.

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