Nautical Flags Collection at Royal Museums Greenwich


Nautical Flags Collection

Nautical Flags Collection | Ultimate Flags Store showcases a rich, world-class resource for maritime research. Our collections include complete sets of international maritime code signal flags, each with 40 flags-one for each letter of the alphabet and one for each number, plus four “substitute” flags that perform special operations. These simple, material squares of color are still the best way to communicate a message to other ships at sea today.

We live in an age of sophisticated digital communication, but mariners and everyday boaters use nautical flags to instantly share information about their situation or a potential problem while at sea. They are an internationally-recognized system for communicating messages from ship to ship and across watercrafts, regardless of language.

Set Sail with Style: Nautical Flags Collection

These standardized signals, used by naval vessels and recreational boats alike, are designed to send a message at a glance and across oceans and continents. They can be used alone or in combination to communicate everything from a medical emergency to a navigational error, or simply to identify a particular vessel.

In addition to the practical uses for nautical flags, they can also be used as a decorative element. Many sailors display their yacht flags as a symbol of their sailing accomplishments or their affiliation with a club or organization. They are often hung on their yachts for aesthetic purposes, as they are colorful and eye-catching. Take a cue from nautical signal flags to add a touch of sea-worthy style to your home decorating with these bold, geometric patterns. Spell out your name or initials or try overlapping nautical flags to create an artful wall display.

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