Massage in Halmstad


We offer svensk klassisk massage, avslappningsmassage, terapeutisk behandling och idrottsmassage. Dessutom erbjuder vi foretagsmassage, behandling med medicinsk laser, infrarod bastu (IR-bastu) och kinesioterapie.Resource :

A full body massage with wonderful fragrances that revitalize a tired and stressed body. The massage helps to increase circulation, making joints and muscles more flexible and agile. A recharging full body treatment that is also effective against cellulite.

Hot Stone Massage: A Luxurious Escape in Halmstad

The massage focuses on the muscle groups that are most affected by frequent golfing. The treatment is based on classic Swedish massage and includes golf balls which increases the deep tissue effect.

Relieves stress and aches caused by intense workouts or injury. Focuses on releasing knots and tight muscles in your shoulders, back, and legs.

Relaxing and invigorating, this treatment uses a combination of regenerative and lymphatic drainage techniques to improve circulation, increase flexibility, and boost the immune system.

This calming full-body massage is the perfect antidote to day-to-day stresses and tensions. The aromas of the treatment will soothe you and the warm stones harmonize with your inner serenity.

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