Cheapest Phone Plans Canada


A lot of cheapest phone plans Canada want unlimited talk and text as well as enough data for surfing the internet. The problem is our country’s premium providers (Bell, Rogers, Telus) have some of the highest prices in the world. Fortunately, they also operate discount brands that have access to their nationwide networks and offer plans that are more affordable.

There are several good options for those looking for a cheap Canadian cell phone plan. Koodo Mobile offers a prepaid plan with 100 minutes and 250MB of bonus data for only $15/month plus $5 upfront, while Public Mobile has an even cheaper option that is perfect for people who don’t need much in the way of data.

Stay Connected: A Comprehensive Comparison of Phone Plans in Canada

All three major Canadian providers have family plans that are designed to save money, and Rogers has a plan with 40GB of shared data for only CA$80/month. Fido’s Family Talk & Text with 30GB of 4G LTE is another great family-friendly option.

The best cheap Canadian phone plans can be found by shopping around at smaller carriers that are less reliant on contracts and have competitive rates. There are a number of options, including those from Koodo, Petro Canada Mobility and SpeakOut Wireless. Some of these prepaid or contract-free deals are really quite cheap, and others have add-ons that can bring them up to par with some of the bigger providers. All of them, however, have the advantage of being month-to-month, so you can switch to a better deal any time without incurring any penalties.

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