Recessed Entrance Matting – Setting a Tone of Wellness and Inviting Design


recessed entrance matting

The first recessed entrance matting guests make of a company, product, or service is in the 30 feet that precede them into a facility. The right selection of entrance matting can elevate the experience, setting a tone of wellness and inviting design for guests in the very first steps into your business. Mats that cut into recesses or lie flush with surfaces offer numerous benefits: They reduce trip risks from protruding parts, trap dirt to keep carpets and floors clean, and allow moisture to escape without forming puddles. They can also act as sound insulators, reducing outside noises and providing an acoustic buffer.

Hallway Elegance: The Functional Beauty of Recessed Door Mats

In addition to their practicality, recessed mats have the additional benefit of looking fantastic. When made correctly, they create a seamless integration with the surrounding flooring, conveying that thought and consideration have been put into the look of the entryway. The materials, sizing options and customization choices available for these mats are vast, so there’s something to suit any space or budget.

Typically set into a mat well, recessed entrance matting can be comprised of a range of different mat types and sizes. Aluminum matting systems, for instance, offer a hardwearing option with a variety of insert tread types to suit various areas of foot traffic. Polypropylene coir logo mats are also common recessed mats that sit in mat wells, and can be custom cut to fit a range of different sizes of recessed space.

These mats can be customized with colors, designs and logos to generate a unified look for the entire area and promote brand visibility. Professional installation and regular cleaning are key to ensuring the best performance of these mats.

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