Podcast Management Agency Review


podcast management agency

A podcast management agency is a service that manages the production and promotion of your show. These services include editing, syndication, content marketing, audience growth, and more. Some companies offer a la carte options for these tasks, while others are full-service.

Podcast manager agencies are typically more expensive than freelancers and often have a higher minimum project size. This is due to the time it takes for an agency to manage a project of this scale. The good news is that once a company has managed a number of projects, they can provide a lower quote for future work.

Behind the Scenes: The Role of a Podcast Management Agency in Episode Planning and Execution

Resonate is a podcasting agency that offers an array of services for business ranging from fourtune 100-500 companies to entrepreneurs. They focus on helping clients grow their podcast audience and have a unique approach to this task. They ask each client to set a 10% month on month download goal for their podcast and will not stop promoting the show until this is met. They also offer services such as episode sourcing, production and editing, as well as content marketing and social media promotion.

Resonate’s pricing structure is straightforward and transparent. They charge $150 per episode for editing (including mixing) and also make SEO boosting show notes for every episode. They have a great team that is spread across all the US time zones and they use collaborative feedback software to help their clients shape their edits. They also have a range of additional services such as social media management and transcription.

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