How to Hold Golf Club Properly


How to hold golf club? Gripping a golf club seems like it should be easy, but it can be hard to get the grip right. You need to keep your wrists soft, but you also need enough pressure so that the club doesn’t fly out of your hand or crush your fingers when you hit it. Getting the grip right is key to improving your chipping game.

How should a beginner hold a golf club?

There are three primary ways to hold a golf club, and figuring out which method is best for you requires some practice. The first step is assessing where your fingers are placed in the grip, and which is most comfortable. Then, it’s a matter of adjusting the amount of pressure you put on the club based on your preferred style of play.

A neutral grip places your hands directly in front of you with the thumbs pointed mostly down the center. This position gives you the most control. A strong grip takes that same position and twists it to the right, and a weak grip turns the entire position to the left.

Another popular option is the overlapping grip, which allows you to place your non-dominant hand’s pinky finger over the back of your dominant hand’s index and middle fingers. This method gives you more flexibility without sacrificing your power, and it is commonly recommended by golfing professionals. This grip is particularly effective for addressing slices, and it can help you avoid hooking the ball. You can also use a grip strengthening tool, such as the SKLZ Grip Trainer, to enhance your hand and forearm strength so that you can hold a golf club properly.

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