Eating Disorders Treatment Near Me


eating disorders treatment near me

If someone you know has an eating disorders treatment near me, it’s important to encourage them to seek treatment. But doing so can be challenging — the person may be afraid or resist treatment, and they might feel defensive about discussing topics like their diet or weight. Bringing up the topic openly and compassionately, as well as offering to attend appointments with them, can help.

You might also consider joining a local or virtual eating disorders support group, which many groups offer for free. Another option is enrolling in a treatment research study or clinical trial. Some NEDA-approved studies accept participants with eating disorders, and you can search for one by state here.

Finding Hope: The Journey to Eating Disorder Recovery Near Me

Finding an eating disorder treatment near me starts with deciding what level of care you need. Outpatient programs may involve sessions that last several hours each week and are held a few times a week, while partial hospitalization and residential programs require people to temporarily live in a facility that’s dedicated to treating eating disorders.

Eating disorders are complex mental illnesses, and they can lead to severe physical health issues. Some treatments focus on changing behaviors, while others tackle underlying causes. For example, psychodynamic therapy helps a person understand why they’re engaging in restrictive behaviors by diving into their internal conflicts and motives. Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) teaches people how to recognize and change inaccurate beliefs that can trigger binge-eating and purging behaviors.

You can use online resources, such as the Alma directory or LiveHealth Online, to find a therapist who specializes in eating disorders. These services are often free of charge, and you can use them to help someone who has an eating disorder or to treat yourself or a loved one.

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