Certified Staircases UK


Certified Staircases UK

Certified Staircases UK is a well-established staircase company that produce multiple products for widespread distribution to home-construction businesses. They unite excellent quality with a devotion to client contentment, making them the trusted selection for staircase installments across the country.

Building regulations must be adhered to when constructing a new staircase or replacing an existing one, whether it’s for a new build house or an extensive renovation project. You must get in touch with the local authority, where they will provide free advice and all of the forms that need filling out to ensure that the work complies with the required standards.

Ascending to Excellence: Unveiling Certified Staircases UK

A reputable staircase supplier will have an in-house design team that can offer you a range of options to suit your style and budget. They can produce a full set of drawings/plans to show you how the staircase will be constructed and even a 3D computer model if needed. This allows the client to see how the staircase will fit within their home and make any adjustments if necessary before the staircase is manufactured.

Alternatively, if you’re a self-builder or renovator you can often find stairs in a ‘design-your-own’ format that allows you to personalize an off-the-shelf flight to better suit your exact specifications. These options can be significantly more cost-effective than bespoke designs, while still offering a high level of design flexibility and a greater choice of materials to suit your specific requirements.

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