Day: June 10, 2024

Become an Internationally Qualified Breath CoachBecome an Internationally Qualified Breath Coach

Become an internationally qualified certified breath coach & learn breathwork for yourself in a safe & inclusive trauma aware way. This self-study training offers a combination of pre-recorded online videos & practices, written documents and monthly live group Q&A sessions with Rachel or Lucy.

The course explores a wide variety of breathwork techniques and is designed to help you embody the skills and knowledge needed to be a safe, supportive, embodied and transformative breathwork coach for others. It’s also a great opportunity for yoga teachers, healers and life coaches to take their work to the next level by learning how to integrate breathwork into their sessions and add an additional dimension to their healing and coaching work.

Join a Breathwork Workshop for Deep Healing

Breathwork is a powerful addition to any meditation practice and can be particularly helpful for students who struggle with being able to stay anchored and observe their emotions or thoughts. It can also be an effective tool for helping students who are so “heady” that their meditation experiences can feel stressful or overwhelming.

The training also teaches how to manage the emotional aspect of breathwork and provide a safe and supportive environment for clients, while also developing tools and strategies to support students through their own journeys of self-awareness, growth and change. Emphasis on building empathy, patience and open-mindedness are also key skills for working as a breathwork coach. Incorporating breathwork into your life and work helps you to create lasting shifts for yourself, your students and clients.